The Mass Communication Media include Radio, Television, Newspapers, Periodicals, Audio Cassettes, Posters, certain forms of popular entertainment and any other means of bringing a message to large number of people at the same time.

To ensure that the media makes an effective contribution to development campaigns, it is necessary to adopt what is called a multi-media approach. It means utilizing all the communication media plus the interpersonal communication channels, available for designing an integrated communication programme for promoting rural development.

There are three main reasons for adopting a multi-media approach

  1. To achieve saving in efforts : Each media has its own strength and weakness. Each is more suited to transmit some kind of message than others. Each reaches certain target groups and not others. A multi-media approach would avoid unnecesary coverage where a target group is already well served. This is to ensure that all target groups are reached by at least one appropriate medium of communication.
  2. To avoid wastage : A multi-media approach weighs the cost of each medium against its potential benefits. In this way the budget for development communication can be distributed amongst the various media in such a manner that total communication activity becomes very effective.
  3. To provide stronger, more coherent and more convincing messages : The available media are planned to supplement and complement each other so that people are reached more often and the impact is reinforced. A multi-media approach does not duplicate already available facilities and personnel. Rather it builds upon the strength of existing resources, supplementing these only when absolutely necessary. A multi-media approach makes the most rational and economical use of all available communication resources so that each reinforces the other. The multi-media programme strengthens the communcation system as whole . With best wishes and good luck.

Sh.Vijendar Kumar Aggarwal

(Hony. President)

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(Hony. Vice-President)

Sh. Vijay Aggarwal

(Hony. Secretary)

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